Rekey Locks

Every lock is the key to security and you must do anything to avoid intrusions. Although burglars usually vandalize locks, things are much easier for them when they already own the keys of a house or office. For this reason, rekeying the locks of a new property is vital. The keys of rentals go from one person to the next and you can never tell whether some tenants have made copies. We Rekey Locks in Vaughan for many years and it is our job to protect our customers from odd situations like the above. We provide this simple service and can help you change your whole life. Rest assured that we are ready to respond to your call as soon as you request our service and our work is immediate and exceptional.

We rekey every lock in minutesRekey Locks

Due to our experience with Vaughan Rekey Locks services, we know well that many people would take advantage of a simple key to gain access to a restricted for them area. Take an ex-employee, for example, who has been dismissed but he still has the keys of his office. It will be easy for him to go back and get papers of clients out. Rekeying the lock is the first thing you should do as soon as a person is dismissed from your work. Our staff can help you realize the value of this service, which takes place in just minutes and can really keep you secure. You can trust our personnel for their experience and ability to rekey even certain locks of your master key system.

Experts in key change

We rekey locks 24/7. We make sure the job is performed perfectly. Our company in Vaughan is properly equipped for all services and each van contains the necessary tools for immediate replacement of the current lock’s configuration and of the key. We cut a new key, which will fit in the rekeyed lock. Thanks to the exceptional machinery of Vaughan Lock & Key, we make sure the new key replacement is made perfectly. Our technicians move fast and make sure the client is satisfied, the new key is cut with precision and the rekeyed locks can keep the property in Ontario secure.